So You’ve Taken the ACT, Now What?

The ACT determines your expertise on certain skills attained in high school, and plays a major role in colleges’ decisions on whether or not to admit you. So, you’ve taken the ACT. What do you do know? (Photo Courtesy of Michael Beauregard)

On February 28, juniors at Leesville and other high schools across North Carolina took the ACT. Along with SAT scores, GPA and extracurriculars, most colleges look at your ACT score when reviewing your application.

So you’ve taken the ACT. What do you do now?

The results won’t be out for another five to eight weeks, so you’ll have to wait to see how you did. In the meantime though, you can look up the average ACT scores for your schools of choice.

Here’s a sample of average ACT scores from some of Leesville’s top picks.

Appalachian State University 26
Duke University 34
Eastern Carolina University 22
Elon University 27
Meredith College 21
North Carolina State University 28
University of North Carolina
Asheville 25
Chapel Hill 30
Charlotte 25
Greensboro 22
Pembroke 19
Wilmington 25
University of South Carolina 27
Wake Technical Community College 22

Mrs. Canada, the administrator of the Career Center at Leesville, has some advice for juniors who’ve taken the ACT. She says that you should start visiting schools, “probably four or five,” and that rising seniors should “stay focused” during their final year of high school. She warns that some seniors get into their school of choice, slack off during their senior year, and then having their college acceptance rescinded.

If you get your results back and your score wasn’t up to par, you can always retake the test. Before most applications are due in November, there will be two more opportunities to take the ACT, one on June 10 and the other on September 9. The deadlines to sign up for those tests are May 5 and August 5 respectively. There is a test scheduled for October 28, but you wouldn’t receive the results from that test until mid-November.

Now that you’ve taken the ACT, the best thing you can do, as Mrs. Canada said, is to stay focused on your schoolwork, because now you’re at the point in your high school career where staying focused matters the most. How you act this year and the next could determine your future, so you might as well make the most of it.


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