Lana’s New Video: Love

On February 18, the queen herself dropped a new single, “Love,” for her highly anticipated new album (yet to be named). Lana Del Rey’s last video release was in 2015, “Music To Watch Boys Too”.

Del Rey’s team accidentally released the song early. It is not certain whether the song information was leaked or hacked; however, nobody is complaining. Lana announced on her Instagram the night of February 17, saying she was going to do a live video at 8 a.m. West Coast time.

Millions of Lana fans tuned into her live video broadcast where she announced the time her single would be released later that day.

After hearing the album would be released after her video broadcast, I had no idea what to expect from Lana. It has been a little over a year since she released her last album and video. The last album, Honeymoon, showcased a lot of Lana’s classic, slow paced and alternative sound. With many songs being “slower” and no hit track like “National Anthem” on Born to Die and “Diet Mountain Dew” on Paradise, Honeymoon wasn’t a favorite for many Lana fans.

However, Lana’s new release met every expectation one would have for a beautiful Lana song. It is known that the theme of the track is futuristic but retro– yes she really can do that. The song is about youth and love, and portrays itself as advice to her younger fans. However, at the end of the song, she switches the “you” with “I”, sealing the bond that every fan and her experience.

Now, let’s talk about the video. Lana is known for her beautiful music videos and short films. In the beginning of her career, Lana would actually direct and envision her own dreams. The “Love” video was directed by Lana, Benny Blanco, Emile Haynie and Rick Nowel. The video captures the song beautifully as Lana is videoed singing to fans, and short clips of vintage teenagers are placed throughout the begining. As the video continues, Lana is pictured singing in front of all the teen we saw before and then the video turns from black and white to color. The video then takes viewers to space, where cars and people are floating in the atmosphere– watching Earth and the sun. The uniqueness of the video is without a doubt, and it has to be my favorite Lana video so far.

“I made my first 4 albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed,” stated Lana in a release. If you don’t believe her, check out the video yourself. See how beautiful and interesting the video is — see how much Lana is dedicated to her fans.


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