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Adding Green to Leesville: Our School’s New Garden

If you have gone wandering around Leesville’s campus lately, you might have stumbled upon a fledgling garden in the back of the Murphy Building. This said garden is the work of Mr. Miura’s carpentry class and will be used by the Foods classes to provide fresh gardens.

“[We’re working on] a garden and compost pile where we are growing things to be used up in the foods class and taking leftover vegetables from the cafeteria and foods to have a compost right out there,” said Lauren Pinnix, an eleventh grader at Leesville.

Pinnix, along with her fellow carpentry classmates, has been working on this project since the beginning to the second semester. According to Miura, the project was “a collaboration between the students and teacher[s].”

“[The carpentry class] has been working on the frames for a long time, but we started coming out here [to the garden] two weeks ago,” said Stanton Johnson, twelfth grader in Leesville’s carpentry class.

“We set it up, but Foods will take it once we [are done],” said Kevin Steele, also a twelfth grader. Steele worked with Johnson and Pinnix on the garden as well. In addition to the main garden, the carpentry class has set up a considerably smaller garden along the back of the East Building and will also be utilizing this garden until the bigger one has been completed.

The foods class is excited to have a garden for their class. “Most of the time we get fresh vegetables [from stores], but it would be better to get it from the source,” said Walker Holloway, a senior in Foods I.



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