Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 to get ready to be at school at 6:00. When I arrived at school, various actors and techies were milling around, organizing supplies and trying to remember lines. Tension filled the air as the cast and crew prepared to perform “Romeo and Juliet” for various classes at Leesville.

Before the actors dressed in costume, members of soft tech (costumes, makeup, and hair) organized their supplies. Ms. Wrayno’s room was scattered with bobby pins, makeup sponges, and costume pieces. Once the actors arrived, multiple techies worked to make the actors stage-ready.

For tech crews such as costumes, hair, and makeup, it may seem like all the hard work is done before the show. However, there is still tons of work to be done backstage. In Romeo and Juliet, actors must change into masquerade masks between scenes. Without techies, these quick changes wouldn’t be possible.

After the show ends, actors go offstage and techies complete any touch ups necessary; for example, re-glueing fake eyelashes or re-curling hair. The cast will perform the show again during the other three class periods (with a quick break for pizza in the middle, of course).

Although it requires a lot of long days working on shows, often times before even starting homework, being a techie and working on shows is extremely rewarding. When you watch a show that you’ve worked on for months come together, and get to see the audience reacting to the story, it makes all the work we put in worthwhile.

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