Food Friday: Cook-Out or Steak-N-Shake?

Between the two establishments, there are over 297 locations nationwide. Steak-N-Shake has been around since 1934, while Cook-Out was founded in 1989. Stock Photos courtesy of WikiMedia.

In this edition of Food Friday, the question of Cook-out or Steak-N-Shake will be explored. Both restaurants are known for their milkshakes, but when put to the test, which do Leesville students prefer?

The first thing customers notice when they pull up to Cook-Out is that there is no inside restaurant. Instead there is only a drive-thru and scattered picnic tables with an order window, but this adds to the experience. Cook-Out is one of the only restaurants without an inside space — customers either have to eat in your car, jam out to music with friends or chill outside at a picnic table.

The fast food restaurant boasts over 45 different milkshake flavors and features a large spread of foods from hamburgers to quesadillas.

Brie Brandell, a LRHS sophomore, loves Cook-Out. “They have really good Milkshakes and awesome hush puppies” said Brandell. One key factor Leesville students enjoy is the fact they are able to combine milkshake flavors to create one-of-a-kind desserts.

In contrast, as soon as you walk into Steak-N-Shake customers can hear the sizzle of burgers being cooked and the whirl of a blender making a fresh milkshake. The restaurant takes you back in time, sporting a 50’s diner theme, complete with music from the time period. The menu features classic diner food, such as fries, hamburgers,hotdogs, and chicken tenders.

Tommaso DiStefano, a LRHS sophomore, loves Steak-N-Shake. He said, “They have really fresh burgers and great Milkshakes”. With over 27 different specialty milkshake flavors, the restaurant stays busy constantly whipping up fresh Milkshakes for customers.

In a survey conducted at Leesville,  77% of students prefer Cook-Out while 23% prefer Steak-N-Shake. Brandell said, “Cook-Out has the best milkshakes in the world”. While  DiStefano said, “Steak-N-Shake has great service and really good burgers and milkshakes.”

With Leesville students supporting both restaurants, the debate of whether Cook-Out or Steak-N-Shake is better continues. So, try both restaurants and decide for yourself which place has the best milkshakes and food.



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