Survey Reveals Leesville’s Favorite Burger

A plethora of burger joints dot North Carolina’s landscape, and some are more loved than others. A new Mycenaean poll shows just what restaurants serve the best burger in Raleigh.

Leesville Road High School is blessed with a high number of quality burger joints surrounding it. Five Guys, Char-Grill, Cookout and other restaurants have locations close enough to the school thatstudents can visit them during lunch.

A recent Mycenaean poll of 75 Leesville students revealed what Leesville’s favorite burger joints are.

Five Guys has a healthy lead amongst Leesville students, with 25.33% of respondent naming it as their favorite burger joint (hhereas the closest competitor being Backyard Burger, with 13.33%). Five Guys, known for the large burgers it serves and the large boxes of peanuts in their restaurants, has been warmly received by the hungry students of Leesville. The closest location to Leesville is at 8107 Creedmoor Road and is just a short 10 minute drive away.

In second place with 13.33% of the vote came Backyard Burger, the closest burger joint to Leesville Road High. Founded in 1987 in Mississippi, Backyard Burger is known for using only Black Angus beef in its sandwiches. The closest location to Leesville (and the only one in North Carolina) is located only five minutes away at 9860 Leesville Towne Center.

Cookout came in third place with 10.67% of respondents saying it sold their favorite burger. Founded in Greensboro in 1989, the number of Cookout locations has exploded due to its popularity, with one in 1989 to 170 by 2016, with more locations expected to be built in the coming years. The closest location at 6505 Falls of Neuse Road, so if you plan on going during lunch, you’d have to go as soon as the lunch bell rings to be back on time.

Char-Grill, Red Robin, McDonald’s, and the Angus Barn each received 5.33% of the vote. As a show of the sheer number of burger joints in Raleigh, a combined total of 29.33% of respondents voted for eighteen other restaurants in the Raleigh area.

We may be divided on which joint has the best burger, but we can all agree on one thing: the Triangle is in no short supply of good burgers.



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