Leesville Play was more than fantastic

This is the official playbook that was handed out during the play. It is a great source of information and thoroughly describes each member of the cast.  (Photo Courtesy of Drew Walczyk)


The Leesville theater department performed their last performance of “Peter and the Starcatcher” this past Saturday, November 18, at 7 p.m. The play was more than entertaining as it was filled with comedy, drama, singing– all carefully done by talented young actors.

The play was directed by students, specifically Assistant Directors Mickey Langley and Jack Nolan, and Stage Manager Carson Rainey. It was staged before the well known story of Peter Pan vs Captain Hook.

Ryan Schiman played the role of Peter Pan, and Will Hollerung as Black Stache, or the soon to be Captain Hook. The dynamic duo of Black Stache and his right hand man Smee, played by Rose Dorman, was like no other. They lit up the stage with an array of comedy that kept the audience well entertained.  

Peter and Molly, played by Lanie Martin, worked to complete the mission bestowed upon them by Lord Leonard Aster, played by Jake Jeffers. The two developed a very heartwarming relationship as they tried to complete the mission.Peter and Molly meet many people throughout their mission including Prentiss, Ted, Mrs.Bumbrake, Alf, Fighting Prawn, and Hawking Calm. Played by, respectively,  James Odametey, Bri Reid, Kareem Dixon, Alex Balla, Katherine Magee, Luca Menozzi, and Grant Nelson.

On top of these fantastic actors, many Leesville students partook in the production of this play. The play included a hair, makeup, house, costumes, props, sound, paint, set construction, and lights crew. All of these crews were outstanding and helped make this play so great.

The play ended with a well deserved standing ovation. Make sure to come out and see the next play performed by the theater department, it will be well worth the price of admission.


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