HomesportsLeesville celebrates Mogie Adamchik, women’s golf Cap 8 Player Of The Year

Leesville celebrates Mogie Adamchik, women’s golf Cap 8 Player Of The Year


The Leesville women’s golf team recently concluded yet another successful season, finishing third in the conference. The team worked hard together to finish the season well and secure 3 place in the conference. However, Mogie Adamchik, senior, was a vital part of the team’s successes, earning the Cap 8 Player Of The Year title.

Over her years spent on the golf team, Adamchik has developed into a skillful golf player. According to Hunt, Adamchik has “dropped at least 7 or 8 strokes from her sophomore year to senior year.”

It is clear she has worked diligently over her years as a member of the golf team in order to earn All-Conference and Cap 8 Player Of The Year.

Madeline St. Louis, Adamchik’s teammate, earned All-Conference along with Adamchik. St. Louis is very fond of Adamchik and proud of her teammate’s accomplishment. She believed Adamchik was a shoe-in for the Cap 8 Player Of The Year because of her dedication and leadership throughout the season.

“She’s really positive no matter how bad or good she does. She always has fun, and she really helps a lot of the younger girls on the team. She’s a really good leader,” said St. Louis.

Along with earning Cap 8 player of the year, Adamchik committed to Appalachian State University, but according to St. Louis, that “doesn’t even sum up her skill level.” The senior is described as “freakishly good,” which could only come through several hours of daily practice and patience with the sport.

“Mogie practices so much, like everyday, so she definitely deserved it,” said St. Louis.

Adamchik hopes to continue to improve her golf skills as she prepares for the next chapter in her golf career: Appalachian State University.


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