Students Think About Life After High School

Life after high school mostly consists of your career, and possibly college. There are a lot of steps to getting to these places, so some high schoolers are starting to plan out their future as early as Freshman Year.

From a young age, kids are exposed to different careers through their family members, their friend’s parents, and even their community. Some teens know exactly what they want to do, and even have a plan set out for how they are going to get there. Others have no idea. Both are perfectly acceptable. The Mycenaean interviewed a wide variety of students on what they want to do, their plans to achieve their goals, and their dream career.

Freshman don’t have much pressure on their hands. Afterall, they still have four years till they’re out of high school. Regardless, some freshman have some kind of an idea about where they want to go to college.

“…The reason why I would want to go to UNC is because I used to live in Chapel Hill, and my cousins go there… The reason why I would want to go to NYU is because when I went on vacation to NYC I loved it there,” said Julia Rowe, a freshman via Instagram.

Of course, college is a big part of after high school plans. And with the decision to go to college is the decision of what college to go to. The location of that college is a huge part in choosing the right college.

“It’s close to home,” said Sophia Antanaitis, a Leesville freshman who wants to go to NC State. Rowe is also a good example of this, because she wants to go to UNC Chapel Hill because she would be close to her cousins. This could also work the other way around — someone could want to move away from their family so they have freedom, so they choose a college further away. A specific location helps boil down all the choices down to just a few colleges in that area.

Seniors have a lot more pressure with figuring out their post high school plans. Seniors are applying to college right now, so the pressure is on to figure out how to get into the right college and get the right education in order to have that dream job. Good thing some have done just that.

“My dream job is to become an ER Nurse Practitioner. I plan to go to UNCW or ECU and major in Nursing,” said Zekia Randle, a senior via text message.

In the end, one’s choice is impacted, whether it be from childhood experiences, a family member’s career, or a love or hobby you have.“My family supports my decision and my mom is in the medical field,” said Diego Pacheco, a senior via Instagram.

One’s culture or religion definitely has a play in big decisions like college or career. “My religion is a really big part of my life so I know that I could accomplish anything as long as I have Jesus Christ with me,” said Randle. Notice that Randle doesn’t say she has a major related to her religion, or going to a Christian school to become closer with Christ. It is a common misconception that you have to have a major or career related to your culture or religion for it to have an impact on your dreams. But in reality, just like Randle, it could be as simple as that culture or religion helps you believe in yourself. Culture is just one more thing to take into consideration with “after high school” decisions.

Something else that has a big impact on their plans is one’s past. “I have grown up with horses all my life and want to cultivate my passion into a career,” said Jasmine Patterson, a junior, via Instagram.

Sometimes this can be one big project you enjoyed. “A fifth grade project on weather made me realize that I loved to learn about weather. In sixth grade I spent a week trying to plan a Disney World vacation. Including asking the budget, how long it would take us and how much the hotel would cost by either getting one on site or getting one not on site,” said Samantha Waller, a freshman via text message.

As mentioned before, it takes a lot to get where you want to be. Whether it be something as big as going to college or applying for a scholarship, or as small as going in and retaking that test to bring your grade up to meet requirements, there are steps individuals can take to reach their goals. Some students are even job shadowing, or volunteering in a way to help their career. Every member of the Pride is unique in their own way, which is why it would make sense for so many students to have different plans for after high school and how to get there.


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