Mrs. Ennis’ New Class: Health Team Relations

Students finish their class period with a game, involving Quizlet and Matching Cards. They are all part of class called “Health Team Relations” -- a new class taught by Mrs. Ennis.

Some new classes were added to the 2016-2017 Course List, one of which is a class called “Health Team Relations” taught by Susan Ennis, athletic trainer. This class and the courses after provides students with the necessary information for a future health career.

On September 28, they started class with some fun riddles. Afterwards, they went on to a little review on health facilities, such as at-home care and general hospitals. Next, they took some notes on more health facilities. Lastly, the teacher decided to do some fun review of all the health facilities with Quizlet and Matching Cards.

The curriculum consists of medical terminology, CPR, First Aid and Anatomy/Physiology. This curriculum is the essential basic information that is needed for a health career Most of the students said that taking notes is their least favorite part of the class because they aren’t as intriguing as other things they do in the class, such as review games. This course is a career cluster, so students take multiple courses. First, they take Health Team Relations. They then take Health Science I which then leads into Health Science II. After that, students can take Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Certified Nursing Assistance (CNA), which are courses they can take at a community college.

The class is brand new, so most students in Health Teams had no idea what the class was before they walked into Mrs. Ennis’ room on the first day.

“I was like, what is this? I thought it was like probably something to do with your health, but it’s really like helping others with their health,” said Samara Smith, a freshman.

The class is useful for people going into the medical field, but it is also useful for others, too. “Depending on if I go into the medical field, this would help a lot. Also, I think that pretty much anyone should take this class because it does give you a good perspective when you get older so you are prepared,” said Olivia Balerlein, a freshman.

Overall, the students were very engaged and interested in what was going on. Health Team Relations is off to a good start.


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