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Robbins, an ace for Leesville girls tennis

Lauren Robbins, sophomore, is leading the 2016 Pride girls tennis team towards a successful season.

Robbins holds the number one singles spot on the team and is undefeated in singles play this season. She has also won all but one of her doubles matches.

The team has only lost one match this season against Sanderson and is second in the CAP-8 standings.

Robbins took up tennis at the age of 12. When she started playing, Robbins put in countless hours of training, helping shape her into the amazing player she is today.

“Usually I play three to four hours every day,” said Robbins. “I try to get in 20 hours every week.”

Along with playing tennis for Leesville, Robbins competes in singles play at United States Tennis Association (USTA) tournaments.

While Robbins loves competing at the high school level, her main goal is to be able to play tennis at the college level. “I would love to play college tennis, that’s my ultimate goal,” said Robbins. She believes that playing the sport beyond high school would be a very fun and enjoyable opportunity.

The tennis team hopes to finish the season with the best record in the CAP-8 conference. In order to do so, the girls will have to beat Sanderson, a match that was scheduled for September 20 but was postponed due to poor weather.

Much of the team’s success this season is due in large part to Robbins’ effectiveness in singles and doubles matches.

Lauren contributes to the team by her example of play and drive,” said Monica Henderson, Leesville girls tennis coach. “Her winning record helps contribute to our team’s success.”

However, not all of the tennis team’s success has been a direct result of Robbins’ play. Positive energy and teamwork has also been an important factor.

“We are all energetic and we help each other,” said Robbins. “Motivation is how we win our matches.”

With Robbins dominating the competition, the Leesville girls tennis team has the opportunity to finish on top this 2016 season.



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