St. Baldrick’s battles cancer with a shave

Jacob Daft, left, poses with family members after shaving his head for the Saint Baldrick’s foundation. This is the ninth time Daft has shaved his head in partnership with Saint Baldrick’s.

The Saint Baldrick’s foundation raises millions of dollars each year to contribute to the battle against childhood cancer through several head-shaving events. The participants raise funds by shaving their heads, and therefore, some students at LRHS have gone bald for a good cause.

During the summer Saint Baldrick’s event at the Springdale Recreation Club, Jacob Daft, senior at LRHS, shaved his head for the ninth consecutive year. In the past, several of Daft’s family members had had been diagnosed with cancer, so Daft and his father began shaving their own heads in their honor.

Daft believes that events like these are important in raising awareness for the struggles that children with cancer are forced to endure. “I feel like I did it for a good cause. It’s definitely worth it because people don’t understand what kids with cancer have to go through every day and it needs to be spread,” said Daft.

Although some people would be self-conscious about shaving their head, Daft isn’t concerned. “The fact that this is for little kids with cancer, I really don’t care what people think about it,” said Daft.

Abbie Johnson, junior at LRHS, is another student who participated in the Saint Baldrick’s event.  She shaved her head for the first time in January, 2015.

Johnson, who was skeptical about shaving her head at first, decided to do so in honor of her father, who had been diagnosed with leukemia.

As a girl, Johnson felt strange with a shaved head but was happy that she did it for a good cause. “It felt weird because I didn’t have hair, but it felt good because I raised a lot of money.” said Johnson.

Together, Daft and Johnson raised over $4,600 in the fight against cancer.

Although shaving one’s head may not be the most trendy thing to do, many are willing to sacrifice their looks to help children in need.

If you want to be a shavee, you can find the next Saint Baldrick’s event here.


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