Pride Complete Season Sweep Over Sanderson

Luca Menozzi, senior, passes a Spartan defender in the second half.The Pride’s second win of the season over the Spartans solidify their second place position in the conference rankings.

In a dramatic in-conference matchup, the Pride men’s soccer team emerged victorious over the Sanderson Spartans in a 2-1 overtime thriller at Marshall L. Hamilton stadium.

To begin the game, the Pride dominated possession but failed to capitalize on several goal-scoring opportunities. The tone shifted when Matthew Melendez was able to snag a goal with 16 minutes remaining in the opening period, giving Sanderson a 1-0 lead.

As the two sides continued to battle back and forth, tensions rose and the game became physical; Sanderson received two yellow cards and the Pride were shown one. Finally, with 12 minutes remaining in regulation, the Pride were finally able to respond with a goal from outside the 18-yard-box by Wesley Dunn.

The scored remained 1-1 by the end of regulation, sending the game into overtime. Dunn’s late-game heroics gave the Pride the momentum and energy they were looking for as they headed into the additional period.

“Wesley’s goal really cracked open the door for us and gave us hope. Once he scored that goal the attitude of the team changed, and we realized that we had a chance to win the game, and we began to hit our stride again,” said Luca Menozzi, captain.

As the overtime period commenced, the physical battle waged on, and both sides fought to score a goal. Finally, with three minutes remaining in overtime, the Pride were given a golden opportunity: Wesley Dunn managed a long throw into the 18-yard-box, where Myson Darden flicked the ball to Mason Maclauchlin, who headed the ball into the goal. The goal granted the Pride a vulnerable 2-1 lead with just minutes remaining.

As the final minutes counted down, the Pride secured their overtime victory with a strong defensive performance, not allowing Sanderson any opportunities on goal.

The overtime win keep the Pride at second place in the conference rankings and improved their overall record to 11-6-1 and conference record to 7-2.

The complete season statistics and results for the Pride can be viewed at MaxPreps.


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