Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

This year’s Homecoming theme was Blast From the Past. The daily themes ranged from Hopes and Dreams Tuesday to, as tradition dictates, Green Out Friday. Sadly, students missed out on Prehistoric Monday due to hurricanes Matthew.

Juniors throughout Leesville enjoyed participating in these themes, as well as attending the homecoming dance and game at the end of the week. Audrey Hemmings, junior, is an adamant participator in Spirit Week. “I think it is a fun way to get out there. I’m really creative and I think this is a good outlet for that creativity,” said Hemmings. Hannah Bruno, junior, also enjoyed dressing up. “I like being a part of something that represents the school,” said Bruno.

However, Meghan Ford, junior, wasn’t satisfied with the themes this year. “I didn’t dress up any other day of the week, and the only day that I am going to dress up is Decades day,” said Ford. However, she still enjoyed previous years themes and looks forward to her senior year Homecoming Week.

Bruno, Hemmings, and Ford preferred Decades Day to the other theme days. Bruno roller skated throughout the school, representing the seventies. “My favorite day was most definitely Decades Day,” said Bruno.

“Homecoming Week shows a lot of pride for our school and it is so cool that we are able to get together and show school spirit,” said Hemmings.

From the creative floats to interesting costumes, students of all grades will remember this homecoming week as one of the most memorable in Leesville Road High School history

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