Positive Outlook on Environmental Club’s Future

(From left to right) Alexis Vetrano, Hannah Bruno, and Annie Chi discuss club attendance. About 16 are currently part of the club, including the officers.

Environmental Club had their first meeting of the year this Tuesday, September 13. During the first half of the meeting, members discussed what they had planned for the club.

The meeting began with Hannah Bruno, a junior and this year’s club president, expressing a desire to regain honor club status and to increase popularity and projects. “We’d… like to have more people, more projects, more awareness in the club; the more people… the bigger difference we can make,” said Bruno.

She also mentioned bringing in speakers, such as an ocean conservationist from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She then showed videos that discussed the future of the earth if humans don’t change their habits. Afterwards, students introduced themselves and the officers offered lemonade and cookies

According to Hannah Bruno, the meetings usually begin with the members talking about a current issue. “The second part of the meeting, we’ll have a free talk [about] anything anyone in the group wants to contribute,” said Hannah Bruno. The activities that the club does are, “… trash pickups,… earth day activities, [little] things around the school… we’d like to get as much done as possible,” said Hannah. In addition, Hannah has movies, composting projects, and hikes planned for Environmental Club.

Dr. Stone is the advisor for Environmental Club. “Since I teach the majority of environmental courses it made sense [that I would be the advisor]. And I enjoy it,” said Stone. He has been the advisor for the club for six years and has seen it under different leaders. “I think it looks like there’s more potential [this year for the club]. It comes and goes… [usually] dependent on student leadership,” said Stone.  

“There are things that we can do [in terms of the environment]: that the message I want to send,” said Hannah Bruno at the end of the meeting. Environmental Club meets every second Tuesday of the month.


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