Benefits of Taking the SAT


Since 1926, students all over the country, from October through June, take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in hopes of scoring high and setting the path for their academic futures.  

Students prepare for the SAT months in advance. They stress over their results and put in so much work. But is the SAT really beneficial for students to take?

The test has several sections including mathematics, reading tests, and written essays. It helps to show students their strengths and weaknesses which can help them decide their future careers and college majors they can excel in.

If students feel their scores don’t reflect their knowledge, they can choose to take the SAT again. “I have already taken the SAT once, I feel that I can improve my score, I decided to retake it,” said Alexis Vetrano, a  Leesville Senior.

Students often decide between taking SAT or the American College Test (ACT). All colleges accept the SAT, while only some colleges accept the ACT. “The SAT can show colleges time management and how students can excel under pressure. By taking the SAT and getting a good score, my chances of getting into a college increase,” said Vetrano.

“This will be my first time taking the SAT, but I feel I might take it as many times as needed in order to open the door to good colleges,” said Ashley Brodnick, a Leesville student who took  the SAT on Saturday, October 1.

“I can show colleges that other than my standing grades that are over a long period of time, I can work under high stress situations and good problem solving skills,” said Brodnick.

Leesville will be hosting the SAT sporadically from October 1 through June 3.


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