Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

With the 2016-2017 Leesville school year fully underway, new clubs have started appearing–including Pride Players, a community service club specifically for LRHS athletes.

When asked about the club, Hannah Woody, the club president said “It’s basically about coming together as one big athletic department and giving back to our community because all of our supporters come out and support us so it’s really important we give back to them.”

The club officers emphasized that they hope the club leaves a positive impact on the Leesville community and helps bring athletes from different sports together. Brenna Murray, club officer, said “Athletes tend to stick to their own sports and I think all of us coming together would be a really cool thing.” While Hannah said “We always do stuff as individual teams like miracle league or just cleaning up our school and I think we should work together.”

The club officers went on to say they aim to complete one service project a month during the meeting to allow more athletes to participate. Woody said “You do get that opportunity of community service which as an athlete that has after school practices and games, it’s especially hard to find extra time to do that.”

Since the club is still up and coming, the time and place of monthly meetings has not been determined but the officers will communicate via Twitter to share information.

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