High Schoolers Make Halloween Plans

A group of high schoolers in costume pose for a picture last Halloween. With so many options, teenagers must decide what to do on Halloween. (Photo used by permission of Marina De Sousa)

As Halloween approaches, teenagers decide what they are going to do for the holiday. From trick-or-treating to just staying home, high schoolers have a range of options to choose from.

The most classic of options is trick or treating. Some high schoolers are sticking with their childhood roots, putting on their costumes and going door to door. “We wanted candy, and we wanted something simple,” said Jillian Pretsch, Leesville freshman.

One of the milestone parts of a high schoolers’ halloween experience is going to a party. Dressing up and hanging out with friends, what could be more fun than that? It’s the perfect excuse to get together with friends.

As teenagers mature, they choose to get the pants scared off of them. They go to fear farms, corn mazes and haunted houses. “It got my adrenaline pumping and created a fear that I’ve never felt before. It was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget,” said Jimmy Gooch, sophomore who went to Fear Farm last year.

Even if you don’t plan anything, staying home is perfectly acceptable. Many people grow out of the the tradition of trick-or-treating and just want to stay home.

To high schoolers staying home for Halloween, there is always the option to just pass out candy. “I wasn’t huge on dressing up, so I decided I was just going to pass out candy with my family. I like to help out, I have a small neighborhood, and I like to see the kids come around in their costumes and give out candy to them. It’s something I just enjoy doing,” said Prabhav Yerra, sophomore.

No matter what you’re doing for Halloween this year, it is sure to be a great one.


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