Juniors React to Going Off-Campus for the First Time

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Becoming a junior at Leesville brings new opportunities. One of the opportunities many rising juniors look forward to is being an able to go off-campus during lunch.  

Only juniors and seniors are allowed to receive an off-campus pass.  

Noah Subasic, a junior, talked about the first couple days of going off-campus for lunch. “It’s been pretty good.  I’ve gone off everyday so far just cause you know it’s the first week. Um, I haven’t bought everyday cause I don’t wanna go broke,” he said.

There are different options around Leesville that one can eat at, such as Chick-Fil-A, Tony’s Pizza, and Panera Bread.  Some students decide to go home, eat, and relax before coming back to school.  “Honestly, I’ll probably just go home a lot because it’s just nice to get away from school and just kind of get away from everyone being loud all the time, and just being home is nice,” Subasic said, when asked what he plans to do most of the time during lunch this year.

An application is required in order to receive an off-campus pass.  This process begins in mid-July and continues into the school year.  “The [application] process wasn’t too bad at all. The experience I had filling the form out was really quick and easy. Though no problems arose for me with the financial part of it, I can see how the $10 fee for getting a pass can be a problem to some,” said Sidney Credle, a junior.

Off-campus passes are a great opportunity for upperclassman to have different options for lunch and have a chance to get away from the chaos of lunch at school.


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