Hola Spanish Club!

During the 2015-2016 school year, Spanish Club held its first annual Easter egg hunt. Many returning club members look forward to new traditions, like the Easter egg hunt, and forming new bonds as the year begins. Photo Courtesy: Lauren McNamara

“When I started here in 1995, Spanish club had already become a part of Leesville,” said Craig Ross, Spanish clubs teacher sponsor. The club has been a vital part of Leesville Road High School for more than 21 years and returning members are looking forward to starting off the first meeting with a bang.

Lauren McNamara, a senior and this year’s Spanish Club president, said, “This year we have a lot of exciting things going on. We are going to be starting committees, which will help get more members of the club involved in leadership roles.”

McNamara, also in AP Spanish, believes that her love of Spanish came from her interest in the culture and her drive to become more involved in the Spanish Community here at Leesville.

Spanish Club is very adamant in doing community service projects. A popular fundraiser that the officers and the Spanish teachers run supplies Christmas gifts to underprivileged Hispanic families that can’t afford presents for their own children.

A returning member of Spanish Club, Eliza Bohinski, said, “[I] love the environment and all the projects that we do.” Bohinski, a sophomore, plans to continue Spanish Club throughout her High School career and keep volunteering through the club.
Spanish Club also appeals to newcomers. Addison Bordeaux, a sophomore, said, “I am looking forward to meeting new people who are also interested in Spanish.” As a melting pot of diversity, the Club includes native speakers, students taking Spanish, and people interested in the culture and the volunteering opportunities. Spanish Club is open to anyone interested in joining, not just native speakers or those taking the classes.


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