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French National Honor Society hosts its first meeting

The French National Honor Society — La Societe honoraire de français— chapter at Leesville started in the 2012-13 school year. Although it is still fairly new at Leesville, FNHS been around for decades. Millbrook, has three French teachers and the FNHS started earlier than Leesville.

The main purpose of the club is to allow students to experience a secondary French program.

To be considered for the FNHS, you have to have previously taken French I-III, have A’s or B’s and currently enrolled in French IV.

Being as though Leesville’s FNHS only has four students, more students can join during the month of September. Currently, there aren’t any officer positions assigned to students. Members of the FNHS have the ability to wear a tri-colored cord at graduation and they have the right to wear the official emblem or pin of the society.

“It’s nice to have just a few people that we can share our interest in French, and we get to explore the French culture more than we do in class,” said Laura Tripp.

A typical club meeting in the FNHS is run by students. Students share presentations that they’ve prepared in the past, and present a snack related to the Francophone culture. The presentations are topics related to the French language. Topics in the past have been about music, fashion, sports, films and holidays.


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