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Leesville students engage in Young Life

On Thursday Sept. 8, Leesville’s Young Life hosted a cookout at Baileywick Park to kick off another exciting year of Young Life Students of all grades were encouraged to show up and enjoy some barbecue and friendly company.  

During this cookout, students had the opportunity to hang out with their friends, meet new people and connect with the leaders of Young Life.

Every year within the first month of school, Young Life kicks off the new year with a celebration to get people excited for the upcoming events such as fall camp, campaigners, and Thursday club.   

Campaigners takes place every Monday night at a fellow Young Life attendee’s house to study the Bible, discuss everyday problems, and grow closer within each students youth group. This differs from Thursday clubs because it is a lot more private and intimate within each individual youth group.

Youth groups are divided by grade and gender and lead by a student in college in the corresponding grade. For example, the freshman girls are lead by a freshman female in college.

Thursday clubs occur every Thursday, also at a fellow attendee’s home. During these clubs, students participate in skits, sing popular songs and hear a short message from the Young Life leaders. Sometimes, they also announce other event opportunities such as camps. After club, the students meet at Bojangles to enjoy some food, and just hang out.

Fall camp is one of the many events Young Life hosts, and is coming up very soon.

Fall camp happens typically around October at a different Young Life camp location every year. This year, fall camp is set to commence during the weekend of October 23, at Carolina Point in Brevard, North Carolina. All students are encouraged to participate– returning and new students.

Although Young Life has been around school for many years, it’s becoming more accepted by the students of Leesville as people are coming to check the events out and leaving with a good impression.

Griffin Bunce, senior at Leesville and brother to a College Life (Young Life for college students) leader, came out to see how the cookout would turn out as he does not typically participate in Young Life.

Bunce said, “I didn’t expect that many people to show up to a Young Life event, but it looks like people actually like it. Maybe I’ll come to some more.”
If interested, there is a Leesville Young Life twitter account, or an instagram account that provides addresses for campaigners, or clubs and camp updates.   



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