Everything you need to know about the Weight Training Club

The first club meeting will be held next Tuesday during B lunch room 2225. Photo courtesy of Kendall York.

Who: Matt Papanestor, president, and Kendall York, vice president, run the Weight Training Club is run by. Kendall York founded the Weight Training Club three years ago. The club has sparked plenty of attention since its opening year, as attendance reached an all-time high last year with 50 members. During the freshman orientation, Jack Walton, secretary, noted that “we had about 100 kids sign up.” The club looks to continue to grow with the new school year.

What: “The goals of the weight training club are to inspire and train young high school athletes to properly lift and correctly use the weight room,” said Walton.  Club meetings cover much more than just lifting techniques and weight room etiquette; nutrition and supplements are often discussed during meetings. Guest speakers are also a big part of club meetings; for example, M.U.L.E, a personal weight training company much like D1, came out last year and talked about their company, different forms of lifting and even gave members M.U.L.E gear.

Where: Mr.Thornhill’s room, 2225.

When:  The first meeting will be held Tuesday, September 20, during B lunch. Information on future meetings can be found on the club’s twitter account @prideweights.

Why:  The club is a good place to learn all about weight lifting. It is also a place to meet friends, fellow lifters, and future lifting partners. If you enjoy lifting, or are just beginning, than the weight training club is the right fit for you. There is often free food, too!


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