Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Dr. Muttillo of Leesville Road High School has been named a WCPSS Principal of the Year award finalist. Muttillo has coupled his passion and care for education with veteran experience to become an outstanding selection for the title.

Muttillo is honored and proud of this career milestone, as well as pleased and hopeful this will reinforce the admirable image of the Pride. “I think the recognition is nice, and particularly from students, from teachers, from parents, that are excited not only for me, but for the school as well. We take pride in doing things well…so it’s just another example and representation of the quality that is here at Leesville,” said Muttillo.

Dr. Muttillo embarked on his journey into the educational field twenty years ago, after moving from New Jersey to Wake County. Muttillo began instructing at Martin Middle School, ultimately climbing the ranks to become the assistant principal there. After, Muttillo ventured to the assistant principal position at Wakefield High School. Following his time at Wakefield, Muttillo commenced a new chapter in his administrative career, beginning his first principalship at West Millbrook middle school.

Now with the Pride, Muttillo strives to serve as a role model to students. Muttillo faces no greater critic than himself, and his yearning to fulfill his high standards fuel his ambitions to be the best. “There’s nobody who can put anymore pressure on me than I put on myself. I have really high standards for the work I do as a principal. I’m by no means perfect, I make plenty of mistakes, but I try to learn from those mistakes,” said Muttillo.

These aspirations for constant improvement and betterment pose exemplary attributes that make Muttillo worthy of a finalist.

Muttillo also seeks to be as grounded with students and teachers as possible. Muttillo values the importance of face-to-face interaction to create a productive learning environment. “I try to be as grounded with the students and teachers as I can. I can sit at my computer 24 hours a day, and do email and be plenty busy, but that’s not why I went into the job. The best part of the job is to have that combination of staying in touch with students, working with them, but then also getting to work with teachers,” said Muttillo.

The process for Muttillo to be considered for the prestigious award has been as strenuous as his job. Muttillo has had to write an 18 page essay answering questions about his philosophies as a principal, what he’s accomplished, and data associated with Leesville. Muttillo will soon go through an interview process as well as film a short video for the Principal of the Year banquet in October.
Dr. Muttillo has a strong devotion to his students and teachers, and with great commitment and responsibility, aims to be the best candidate for the Principal of the Year award.

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