Leesville girls start Food Bank Club

Mary Miller (left), Ainsley Duke (middle), and Brenna Murray (right) are officers in the Food Bank Club. The team of girls are working together to donate to local food banks.

A group of Leesville sophomores are making an impact in their community by starting the Food Bank Club, a new club to support local food banks. Ainsley Duke decided to start the club with help from her appointed club officers.

“When I found out that one in four kids in North Carolina are going hungry, I wanted to do something about it and that’s why I made the club, so we could get the Leesville community active,” said Ainsley Duke, club president.

The club will meet in Paul Dinkenor’s room, 1216. Some details of the club are still being worked out, such as what day they will meet and during what half of lunch. If you are interested in knowing more about Food Bank Club, talk to club officers: Ainsley Duke, Brenna Murray, Mary Miller, Savannah Stewart, or Ashlyn Walton.

There are many reasons to sign up for Food Bank Club. Ashlyn Walton, club secretary, said she thinks that students will enjoy, “going to [the food banks] to drop off the food,” as well as “ being connected, and the competition aspect of it–like raising the most money.”

The ambitious group of girls have set high goals in hopes of making a big difference in their community. Duke said, “[We hope to] raise two thousand dollars for the food bank this year and five hundred pounds of [canned] food.”

With high goals set, they have nowhere to look but up.

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