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JV baseball continues to defend its number one title

On Friday, April 8, Leesville’s JV baseball team took on their rival, the Millbrook Wildcats. Going into the game, the Pride was first in the conference with a record of 12-0 and the Wildcats followed closely behind with a record of 11-1.

Heading into Friday’s game, the Pride already had one win under their belt which made the team optimistic about the outcome of the Millbrook game.

Ian Cummings, a sophomore on the JV team, was very confident in his team’s ability to win. “I am very confident in my team. We have had a really good season so far, so I think if we just stay focused we will have no problem beating them,” said Cummings.

Cummings was exactly right. The Pride came out focused and determined and beat the Wildcats 8-4. Anthony Zarrella, coach of the JV baseball team, was very satisfied with his team’s performance.

We knew that Millbrook was going to be a tough opponent as they usually are. We knew that pitching and defense would help us win this game. We are a very strong hitting team so I knew that we were going to score runs. It was just a matter of what inning would we break it open,” said Zarrella.

Overall, the win against Millbrook helped the Pride in further securing their first place spot in the CAP 8. Zarrella also said that “getting the win against a tough opponent like Millbrook puts such great confidence in the team and shows that [they] are capable of having a season to remember.”

So far, the JV baseball team has had an extremely successful season and hopes to keep their winning streak going. The Pride has continued its winning streak, and plans to take on the Broughton Capitals on Tuesday, April 19.


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