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Casey Neistat has received recognition over the years for his viral videos including Bike Lanes, Make it Count and most recently, Snowboarding with the NYPD. However in addition to these viral videos, Neistat also a successful daily vlog, which is it’s own kind of challenge.   

Daily vloggers face several obstacles. For one thing, they never get a break. The problem with a daily vlog is that you are constantly required to acquire footage of your life — there’s no taking a day off. Time has to be dedicated every day in trying to find a way to tell the story differently.

There’s also working on the continuity and dedicating time to the video. There’s sacrifices that must be made in order to meet the deadline and just collecting enough footage to make a quality video takes a lot of time.

Although I spend copious amounts of time on Youtube, few videos really interested me because of how hard it was for those videos to meet the challenges. And they were usually closer to seven minutes long than four. Sure, I appreciated the work going into them, but I didn’t feel like I was gaining anything from watching them. But Casey Neistat’s videos have me subscribed and excited to see the next video every day. And here’s why:

CaseyNeistat--introductionThe Intro 

The Introduction for Neistat’s vlog features a cut shot from somewhere else in the film. Already drawing me in. From there, the intro screen usually features a time lapse with the date and number of vlog.


Casey Neistat is a daily vlogger on Youtube. He is also known for his viral videos including “Snowboarding with the NYPD” and “Make it Count,” a video he made for Nike back in 2012.

The Personality 

Casey Neistat has an engaging personality that’s reflected in his filming and editing. He is a confident individual who is comfortable with himself and is constantly pushing the limits of his abilities.  


The Job

Unlike a lot of younger vloggers who’s job is their filmmaking, Neistat has another job, working for the app that he co-created: Beme. By putting a central theme around his vlog with going to work, he adds more substance to the vlog and makes it appeal more to the individual.   


The Life

Neistat has a life that is jammed pack with constant action. He’s a marathon runner, a father, a business owner, and a husband, all in addition to being a filmmaker. He isn’t great with money, but he works so hard that that’s okay.


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