Madden Mobile Grips Sophomore’s Interest

Odell Beckham Jr on Madden Mobile’s opening game screen. The football video game has many different game modes, including Season,Head to Head, and League.


Madden NFL Mobile, a football video game, has recently taken over the iPhones of the sophomore class. The iPhone game is part of the Madden NFL series and was released with its newest update on February 16, 2016.

The smartphone game is essentially FIFA ultimate team for football. Users collect players, upgrade their team, and then play other users in a variety of different game-play options.

“It feels like you’re playing with real players and are really in the game, even if you don’t yet have the best players in the NFL,” said Jonathan Geiger, a sophomore.

One of the most standard Madden game modes is “season.” Players participate in 16 regular season games that leads to the postseason and ultimately the Super Bowl. Users go through this cycle multiple times, which “eventually becomes boring and tedious,” said Geiger.

Head-to-Head is a social mode in the game, where players can compete against other players around the country for coins and fans. Users can challenge anyone around their skill level or their Madden friends.

At Leesville, Madden leagues are definitely the most popular part of the game.

“It’s the best feature in the game because it allows you to connect with your friends and play with them,” said Calvin Horton, sophomore and avid Madden user.

Madden leagues creates a great player to player user interaction. In league mode, users can match each other in a head-to-head for bragging rights, play with each other in league tournaments, or play in a league championship — players compete against each other in a championship tournament that will rank them based on their performances in the tournament.

Despite Madden NFL Mobile’s popularity and growth, it is simply a very entertaining game.


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