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Lady Pride Take Down Reigning State Champs

Excitement filled the air as the women’s soccer team took the field for their home opener on Thursday evening.

The Pride controlled possession for the majority of the first half, attacking on offense and not allowing many opportunities for the Catamounts. Hannah Arostegui scored at the 28:19 mark, opening up scoring. The Pride continued to get the majority of opportunities, including a near-goal by Jordin Mosley at the 5:58 mark.

Avery Gardner scored with 3:39 left in the first half, giving the Pride a 2-0 lead going into halftime.

As a light rain began, field conditions became muddy, in the already cold atmosphere. It was a physical game all night with numerous fouls.

However, no penalty was more crucial than the one in the box at the 27:53 mark in the second half. It set up a PK attempt by Arostegui, of which she converted. It was all smiles from there, as the 3-0 lead provided cushion.

The win was big for the Pride, as the Catamounts won the state title last year, and defeated the Pride in the playoffs last season. “It was a big win for the team,” Mosley said of the game. Mosley would finish the game with an assist. “We have a 2-0 record and we came into the game thinking we were going to get destroyed but we ended up being better than them, and they are the state champions.”

Ultimately, Arostegui proved to be the difference maker. “Hannah played amazing…and she is a freshman so she has way more room to grow, and I’m proud of her,” Mosley finished.

The Pride will take momentum into their next game, which is home against Jordan on March 7.



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