Something to Cheer About

Will Sandy, sophomore, and Bryson Smith, senior, avid Panthers fans, are shown wearing their Panthers gear. The Panthers will play in the Super Bowl on February 7. Photo Credit: Baldwin Bell

The recent success of the Carolina Panthers are a topic of interest among Carolinians, including students and staff at Leesville Road High School. The Panthers’ 15-1 record is very impressive, especially compared to previous years.

Panthers fans are becoming more prevalent in the Leesville community, some accused of being a Panthers “bandwagon” fan.

However, this isn’t the case for Sarah Cade, Leesville history teacher. “I’m what you would call, a day-one fan,” she declared. Cade is often seen sporting her Panthers gear on Fridays.

The success of the Panthers comes as a surprise to many; no one expected much from them as a team due to their previous records.

“These guys have developed a relationship for the past few years and have gotten to know each other and how to rely on each other,” Cade stated. Sports analysts and Carolinians did not foresee the Panthers as a threat to the NFL because of two injuries affecting starting players: Kelvin Benjamin, wide receiver, and Mike Tolbert, running back.

These assumptions were soon put to rest after Cam Newton, starting quarterback, came out of the gate strong, not losing a game until week 15.

“I have noticed a few bandwagon fans along the way, but I really don’t mind,” said Cade. It is apparent that not all “Panthers fans” supported the team through their losses.

Regardless of the bandwagon fans, naysayers, and those who simply don’t support the Panthers, they receive the utmost respect at Leesville.


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