Spanish III Talks Culture

Bailey Mabe, sophomore, presented her project on Monday, December 14. She informed the class of the Peruvian landmark, Machu Picchu.

Señor Ross’s and Señora Sollie’s Spanish III classes are currently discussing Spanish traditions, cultures, history and geography. Each student was randomly assigned a topic to research and present to the class between December 8 and 10.

Each student was required to memorize a speech completely in Spanish that lasts at least two minutes, while also providing a visual representation of their topic.

“It took me about 2 days to memorize my speech and about a day to write it and revise it,” said Bailey Mabe, sophomore. “The hardest part of the project was probably memorizing the speech because my worst fear is forgetting it in front of the class.”

Before students presented to the class, a 2-3 page paper was to be turned in. The paper consisted of three essential questions: what is your topic and why is it important, how does your topic connect to spanish class, and what did you find most interesting about your topic? These three questions were also answered and discussed throughout the students’ speeches.

After both the essay and speech are completed, the class participates in an Q&A (in English) with the presenter to further expand on the student’s topic .

This research project is completed each year in Spanish III classes and is the student’s first oral presentation spoken in Spanish. It is given in hopes of expanding the students’ knowledge of various Spanish cultures, traditions, and monuments, while also acclimating the students to a full Spanish-spoken environment.

Each student learns about their own topic along with their classmates’ topics. “I thought it was pretty interesting to learn about my topic because I’ve never really studied another country as in depth as I did [for] this project and it kinda made me wanna [sic] go actually see [Machu Picchu] in person,” said Mabe.


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