Review: The 33


Five years after the accident in the Chilean mine of San Jose, a movie based on this extraordinary story came out on November 13.

The accident took place on August 5, 2010 when the landslide happened around 2:30. The landslide trapped 33 Chilean miners approximately 2300 ft underground and about 3 miles from the mine’s entrance. All 33 miners survived for a record 69 days with no deaths.

The miners had a 540 sq ft area for emergency shelter but because of ventilation problems they had to move. The main problems they faced dealt with lack of food and water. The miners found water by digging in the mine to search for underground water. Their other source came from radiators and vehicles inside the mine. The emergency supplies were just supposed to last for two or three days but the miners were capable of rationing them. Each miner lost an average of 18 lbs. The supplies ran out just before the miners were rescued.

The rescue took place on October 13, 69 days after the collapse. The rescue lasted 48 hours; an average of a miner saved per hour. The total cost for the operation cost somewhere between $10,000,000 – $20,000,000.

Mario Sepulveda, one of the miners, said that inside the mine they established a one-man-one-vote democracy. This helped them to work together to find possible escape routes, maintain the mine and the most important, keep the morale up.

The rescue of the miners is one of the most viewed events in TV history. It’s believed that the rescue brought nearly 1 billion viewers from around the world. Those viewer numbers have only beaten by one other event– Michael Jackson’s funeral.


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