LRHS chorus prepares for their annual Christmas concert

Capital Pride rehearses feverishly in order to polish off their songs for the concert. There will be two shows December 11: one at 4:30 p.m. and one at 7:30 p.m.

On December 11, the LRHS chorus will hold their annual Christmas concert. The concert will feature the beginning, intermediate and Capital Pride choirs performing holiday tunes they have been rehearsing for months.

At the concert, each choir will perform separately, but will eventually join together to perform two songs as a group. There will also be a song where every boy in Leesville chorus will sing together and a song where every girl in Leesville chorus will sing together.

LRHS chorus has been in the “Christmas spirit” since early October when they began learning the songs for the upcoming concert. Ian Reetz, a junior in Capital Pride, is excited for the concert but a little apprehensive about Capital Pride’s performance. “Capital Pride has a lot more songs to learn than everyone else, so some of the songs are more polished than others, but I think we can pull it [off] and be alright.”

The beginning and intermediate choirs as well as Capital Pride will join together to sing “Christmas on Broadway”, “This Christmas”, and “Hallelujah Chorus”. With a wide variety of holiday tunes, the concert will appeal to the entire audience.

Everyone in chorus has worked long and hard for months in order to prepare for this concert and it’s sure to go without a hitch.


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