VSCO, the new social platform

Leesville sophomore Breanna Del Buono’s VSCO page. She uses her page to express herself and show off her photography skills. Photo courtesy from Breanna del Buono, http://bremd.vsco.co/grid/1.

Following the fad of being “artsy” and “grunge,” a relatively new app, VSCO, has been created for photographers to share their pictures. VSCO’s four letters stand for Visual Supply Company and are pronounced VisCo. The free app includes filters, simple editing tools, and a mini social platform.

The goal of the company, as stated on their official website, is to “honor art and artists while fueling a worldwide creative movement through innovative tools and experimental projects.” The creators hope to empower people everywhere to create, discover, and connect to the world with their photos.

Unlike the normal social media apps like Instagram and Facebook, VSCO gives a more classy social experience where obsessions over amount of likes and “follower ratios” do not exist. Rather, this app is created solely to allow people to express themselves and show off their chic and mature photographer skills. (Although, yes, many selfies are still posted.)

Many people question if VSCO is the next Instagram, but it was actually created to be the opposite. Greg Lutze and Joel Flory, the creators, set out to make it more of an Anti- Instagram–a site for professional photographers.

Although they may not be “professionals,” teenagers in the area have definitely caught on to the new app and use it frequently to attempt being “artsy”–taking pictures of their coffee, food, clothes, and scenery. VSCO has added to the long list of social media sites and platforms that teenagers use daily.

Breanna Del Buono, a sophomore at Leesville Road High School, is a lover of VSCO, using it to edit her pictures and express herself on her page. “VSCO is really about individuality– there isn’t a set type of picture to post. I can post anything that I want without worrying about being judged or what my followers would think. I create it basically for myself,” Del Buono said.

Besides giving an opportunity to express yourself, VSCO also gives users the ability to put themselves out there in the photography world. The app’s founders hold photo competitions where they choose talented artists and artworks to win prizes and gain recognition.

Also, on every person’s profile there is something called a “collection” where you can add other people’s photos that you like. This gives artists a chance to be noticed and praised for their work.

“Doing photography at a young age is hard, you can’t really get yourself out there to be successful, but VSCO gives you an opportunity for people to enjoy the pictures that you take and the talent and hard work you put into it,” Breanna Del Buono said.

VSCO is an app different from others in this time. The app is a place where you can express yourself and view other photographers work. Users don’t have to worry about being judged, but rather being praised on originality. The “Anti-Instagram” is loved by photographers worldwide and strongly recommended.


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