The Story So Far continues to grow

The Story So Far performed on Veterans Day with UK band Basement and Turnover from Virginia. The majority of the people at the concert were there to see The Story So Far. (Photo Courtesy of Kayla Fortson)

The Story So Far performed November 11 at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, a small town next to University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. The band is currently touring on their fall tour for their self titled album The Story So Far that was released earlier this year on May 19. Joining them were Basement and Turnover.

The first band that played was Turnover, an indie rock band from Virginia formed in 2009. Since Turnover was the first band that performed-and unfamiliar to most people the crowd was extremely close to silent, some humming the lyrics. In addition, their set was skillfully played and their music was calming and soothing.

The next band was Basement, an English hardcore and punk rock band also formed in 2009. As soon as Basement entered the stage, fans immediately created a mosh pit and started crowd surfing/diving. Overall, Basement’s set was energizing, and it changed the atmosphere in the venue.

Saving the best for last, The Story So Far came on stage; the crowd instantly rushed to the front and started to mosh again. Starting with the first single from their new ablum, “Nerve,” fans began to stage dive–causing some concussions.

Playing a song from their second album in 2013 “The Glass” old fans sung along while jumping on the stage. “Heavy Gloom” one of their newest singles on their new album, was performed next, and fans began to open beer and water bottles and threw them up in the air, causing fans in the pit to get drenched.

Overall, The Story So Far left the stage with a standing ovation from fans. The atmosphere in the venue was ecstatic, and there was a long line for merchandise after the concert.


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