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Life in Raleigh

According to Forbes, Raleigh, North Carolina is ranked the second best city for businesses and careers. Additionally, Apex, a small suburb of Raleigh, is ranked the second best place to live in the U.S., according to Money. But how much do people really like living in Raleigh?

Evan Provost, sophomore, moved from Chicago to Raleigh before his freshman year. In an interview with Provost, he expressed, “I like how updated Raleigh is…It’s a big city with a lot of people, but it’s still like a small community, so I like the vibe.”

Climate and Location

Situated three hours from the Outer Banks and four hours from the Appalachian mountains, North Carolina’s piedmont area is a popular place to settle. “I love the weather, being close to the ocean one way, and in the opposite direction, the mountains,” added Provost.

The Raleigh area endures cold winters with rare freezes, and enjoys fairly hot summers. Kennedy Briggs, sophomore said that “[The weather is] probably my favorite part about Raleigh.” Briggs attributes her liking for the weather to the breezes and usually moderate weather.

Located south of the Mason-Dixon line, Raleigh’s people are known for a bit of traditional, southern hospitality. However, Raleigh is a modern city, priding itself on having individuals from both the far right and far left.


There is a rising urban vibe on the streets of downtown Raleigh. This urban vibe was not felt a decade ago. In those days, the downtown area lacked life after business hours. There were far fewer eateries and events. Numerous restaurants and bars have opened in recent years. Downtown Raleigh has also experienced residential growth with the addition of multiple condos and apartments. Museums such as the Museum of Natural Sciences and the NC Museum of History are also attractions. Teens enjoy attending concerts at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater, primarily in the summer. The Red Hat Amphitheater is another popular downtown concert venue.

Careers & Education

Government, technology, healthcare, and education are the four main industries centralized in Raleigh. In 2014, Forbes ranked Raleigh as twelfth in education and seventeenth in job growth out of all U.S. cities.

Being the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh is a well-traveled-to city and politically aware. It is centrally located in relation to the rest of the state, which is beneficial for a capital city. Businesses are thus attracted to the area.

Research Triangle Park is thriving. There are numerous healthcare facilities in Raleigh, such as WakeMed and Rex/UNC Healthcare. Unfortunately, people always have ailments and need doctors. Therefore, healthcare is a substantial part of the Triangle’s infrastructure. The largest hospital in the area is in Chapel Hill and is affiliated with the University of North Carolina. Durham, a neighboring city, has been dubbed by some as the “City of Medicine.” This all makes healthcare a constant source of careers and revenue.

Wake County has the largest school system in the state and has higher graduation rates than most other counties.

At the collegiate level, Duke University is considered by many as the best school in the South. The University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University are also some of the top ranked public institutions.


For adults, especially those looking to start a family, Raleigh looks like a solid choice due to job opportunities and good schools. To many, suburban Raleigh means a premium location with a southern feel. The population is increasing rapidly, and is now over 400,000. This represents a 46% increase in population since the turn of the century fifteen years ago. Forbes ranked it as #4 on the list of fastest growing metro areas.

Not So Great, Some Say

However, not everyone enjoys the Raleigh lifestyle. “I think it’s very repetitive,” said Allie Moss, a sophomore and Raleigh native. “I see the same people around and there isn’t much to do,” she further explained. “I don’t like the weather; I find it bipolar…I would rather live in a place like San Diego where the beach is toward one way, and there are a lot of people to meet.”

The weather in Raleigh can feel random, so it is interesting but not unbelievable that some enjoy it and some dislike it.

According to the statistics and some citizens, Raleigh is a pretty nice place to live, although like anything else, some disagree. If Raleigh is not for you, it has an international airport. No matter what you think about Raleigh, it is the home of the Pride.



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