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Adele releases first single off of 25


Adele released her single, “Hello”, October 23. This is her first single since 2012. For those who patiently waited, the song is a refreshing new dose of her musical prowess.

Undoubtedly, Adele’s vocal abilities prove conducive to sales; the song tops the iTunes chart as of Monday.

Both the music video and the song itself are drenched in the classic Adele style: vintage elements (the video is sepia and includes older-model phones), piano and other classical instruments holding together the stirring vocal notes and, of course, lyrics about love.

The public has fallen in love with this style of music. It could quite possibly be described as “classic”. However, maybe the dramatically vocal love song is just a little too classic at this point. After watching the video for about a minute, a relative of mine exclaimed that “she needs to get some new material”.

It is true that Adele has a track record of releasing heartfelt/heartbroken songs, and it is true that the chorus in “Hello” is repeated a few times too many. However, it seems that this does not faze fans. The production of “Hello” and of the accompanying music video are high quality, and the reliable high quality nature of Adele’s work is what keeps fans coming back.

The track is off of her album, 25, set to be released November 20. Based on the popularity of the single, 25 should follow in the footsteps of Adele’s Grammy-winning previous albums.




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