Acapella Takes Over Social Media

Acapella, created by Mixcord Incorporated, represents its multi-video capabilities within their logo. The app allows users to record and layer up to nine videos.

Acappella, an app that allows users to create a capella videos, is the newest trend on social media. The smartphone app allows users to record and layer videos intended to create one blended song.

The app provides musicians and singers an easy way to create unique solo acapella videos. Users can create videos in 3 simple steps: select a layout, record, and share.

Acapella has over 45 layouts to choose from, each unique and different. The layout design allows the creator to give a different feel to viewers and has a large impact on display. Once the layout is chosen, users must choose a length that cannot exceed one minute.

The most intuitive part of Acapella is the recording aspect. The app has the ability to play tempos while recording to establish a beat. Users can change the time signature and the BPM (beats per minute). Also, the app gives users the option to play music while recording — whether from your own library or through a search of their database.

Once users have recorded all videos, users can add watermarks and filters to their Acapella; as well as adjusting and editing sound for each part of the song. After recording and editing, users share their Acapella in the app and have the option to share to other social media such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, and more.

Acapella videos are taking over social media timelines and while coming extremely popular. “Acapella videos are becoming popular because it is funny to see your friends embarrass themselves trying to sing and create a song,” said Regan Harsa, Sophomore.

Acapella videos are created are for different reasons, some for laughter:

others to reminisce on childhood classics:

and for the largest portion of Acapella users, to create beautiful songs:

The app is extremely popular hitting number one one the App Store. But like most trends, the excitement about Acapell will probably die out.

“I felt accomplished when I made [an Acapella], but once you make a good one you just want to stop there,” said Harsa. Even if the app eventually dies out, users are definitely enjoying it as of now.


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