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Twitter’s impact on LRHS

At Leesville, Twitter is utilized by both the students and the staff. Twitter plays a significant role in how information is communicated to the Leesville community. Followers of the many Leesville related accounts are informed of clubs meetings, sports updates and other announcements.

Teachers use Twitter to tweet homework assignments, due dates and other updates to help keep students on schedule.

Senora Sollie uses Twitter daily to tweet out homework for her Spanish 1 and Spanish 3 classes. Sollie does have another school website where she uploads the homework; she believes Twitter is a good alternative for students because they are more likely to check what their homework is on a social media app.

“I use Twitter to give my homework [because] my students asked me to!  The majority of them use it, so it was something that I could start doing to help them be more successful!” said Sollie via email.

Some Leesville students have taken it upon themselves to inform classmates of upcoming events and recent sport scores. Drew Hopper, senior and primary owner of the “LRHS Loonies (2016)” (@LRHSLoonnies2016) Twitter account, took over the account for his senior year. Hopper tweets daily about current sports updates and news.

Although students utilize the Twitter updates, they also use Twitter for social reasons as well, proving to be a distraction in class. The endless scrolling takes away from class time and interrupts homework hours.

Hopper explained:“I feel like [Twitter] can distract some people, but it also is a great source of information and to let them know what’s going on in school.”

Overall, Leesville students, teachers and Twitter team up to make the Pride community a more efficient, and more organized place.


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