Leeville Women’s Lacrosse takes on the Pumpkin Shootout

Leesville Lady Lax works on their passing and throwing at practice. They focus on endurance and accuracy for the tournament.

Leesville Road High School’s Women’s Lacrosse team is competing in the Pumpkin Shootout lacrosse tournament Sunday, October 18 in Efland, North Carolina.

Becca Mounts and Maria Codispoti, both seniors, led workouts Wednesday, September 16 at Dominion Park with the help of Greg Brooks, head coach. The girls practiced stick work, mid-field transitions and ran sprints. The practices will be held every Wednesday and Thursday at Dominion Park and at the school practice field until the tournament.

Codispoti, a four year letterman and 1st team All Conference player, is excited about leading the Junior and Senior aged team in the tournament alongside Ellie Glass, a four-year letterman and co-founder of the Leesville Women’s Lacrosse Team.

“…First, we have to get chemistry going and trust in one another, so if we can do that by team bonding and really trusting each other then I think we can be good as a team,” said Codispoti, who is ready to create a well-rounded team.

Glass is also an advocate for having a close team. “I’m excited because it’s always good to have more girls with more experience, and I think as the closer we come with them the better our team will be,” said Glass, eager to play with the new team members.

Abby Shearer, freshman, begins to adjust with playing with new teammates. “[The upperclassman] will help you more because they’re more experienced with how the team plays and how the coaches work,” said Sheere, happy to rely on a team of girls who are there for you and willing to help you progress as a player.

Similar to Shearer, Brooks believes that holding practices with both underclassmen and upperclassmen is beneficial for the teams.

“I feel the underclassmen will benefit greatly by practicing against the more experienced girls. The upperclassman will also benefit from the practices as well. The younger girls are really good and will be pushing the upperclassmen,” said Brooks.

As the tournament date comes closer, Leesville Women’s Lacrosse works harder and harder to prepare for their shootout debut. Hopefully they can pull together and form a hard working and a cohesive unit.


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