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Ten thoughts a Leesville student has daily

Ten thoughts a Leesville student has daily:

“Why is there only one entrance into the student parking lot?”

You live five minutes from Leesville, but it takes you twenty minutes to get to school. This is the life of a Leesville student. We wait in the line, looking at the clock…6:58…7:03…7:11. Parents from carpool don’t know whose turn it is into the parking lot–sometimes they flash their lights to signal you on, but other times they pull out in front of you then stare you down.

“Why can’t Arby’s be replaced with a Cookout?

For some reason, I never find myself thinking, “Wow. I really want some Arby’s right now.” However, on countless occasions, my friends and I have discussed how badly we are all craving a Cookout milkshake for lunch. The Arby’s located off of Leesville Rd is in a prime location for students who are going off campus for lunch. But, there is never a line out the door at Arby’s like you would see at Tropical Smoothie and Chick-Fil-A.

“Who didn’t flush that toilet? And why are there paper towels in the sink?”

I have no answer for this question. Everytime I check a stall, it is full of an absurd amount of toilet paper. Once I finally find a stall deemed clean enough for use, the sink is full of paper towel clumps. These clumps will sit in the sink for weeks, until, I am assuming, a janitor or some brave soul cleans them out of the sink. Students find relief from the main building bathrooms in the Richard Murphy building and math trailers.

“I love Dr. AJ Muttillo.”

Here at Leesville, students show endless love for our principal, Dr. AJ Muttillo. He has become somewhat of a celebrity on campus. At football games, the student section occasionally begins bowing and shouting “AJ! AJ! AJ!” Some of us, such as myself, were even lucky enough to experience the greatness of Muttillo throughout middle school, at West Millbrook.

“Why is (Traffic Officer) George so cute?”

George Hill. The man. The myth. The legend. Students see him riding his bicycle around campus, checking off-campus lunch passes, but most importantly, greeting students with a wave and a smile. We love to see George– I mean, Officer Hill–with new gear and a smile on his face. He has become an icon of Leesville Road High School.

“Why does the senior class have three themes? And what is ‘L16HTNING?’”

The class of 2016 has caused some confusion this year regarding their senior wall, intersection and T-shirt choices. The senior class usually agrees on a slogan that incorporates their graduating year and then stick to that ONE slogan. However, this year, the seniors did not end up agreeing on whether to use “Notorious B16, “Go B16 or Go Home” or “L16htning.” This lack of communication amongst the senior class resulted in two different senior t-shirts, two different intersection designs and a senior wall that no one really understands.

“I hate the speedbumps.”

During the summer before the 2013-14 school year, multiple speed bumps were added to the road leading to the student parking lot. We aren’t sure exactly why we hate them so much because they definitely decrease the risk of a car-on-pedestrian accident, but we do. The constant gas to break pattern aggravates students trying to leave or enter the parking lot.

“I am cold.”

Even during the hottest days at Leesville, students will be wishing for their jackets. The buildings and trailers are notoriously known for being chilly, except, of course, those few days during the 2013-14 school year when the air conditioning broke and all students were drenched in sweat. Some students utilize the lack of heat and bring blankets to class, this way they can cuddle up comfortably all period.

“Why can’t I buy a soda from the vending machines?”

At Leesville, any vending machine containing soda is not available for use before 2:18, but remains available until 12:00 a.m.. The signs on the vending machines that state these facts never cease to confuse me. Why can’t I drink soda now? I NEED caffeine. But also, why does the sign mention that it closes around 12:00 a.m.? Are there people roaming the halls at that time? During my freshman year, I actually waited until 2:18 and purchased a soda. It had been expired for over a year–I drank it anyways.

“Is it 2:18 yet?”

It isn’t that we hate school, but most of us are eager for the final 2:18 bell. It signals the release from school-time imprisonment. The seemingly random time of day has a special significance that students outside of Wake County don’t understand. In thirty years, we will glance at our watches to see that it is 2:18. This will bring us back to our high school glory days and remind us that we would be leaving campus right now. That will be a nice thought when we are stuck at the office.




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