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Driftwood: The Most Comforting Restaurant in Raleigh

Driftwood Southern Kitchen. Located at 8460 Honeycutt Road, Suite 112, Raleigh, NC 27615            (A.K.A Lafayette village), is the of the newest and brightest additions to the Raleigh restaurant business. Founded in March of 2014 by Lorenzo Scallopini, and Nunzio Scallopini, and Justin Bee, the restaurant prides themselves in producing some of the best home cooked southern food in Raleigh.

“We try to create a lively casual atmosphere,” said Justin Bee. “Somewhere a couple or family can come two or three times a week.”

The menu contains seventeen main dishes along with ten different side dishes, allowing customers to create a meal of their own liking. For example, you could order a hot steaming plate of shrimp and grits, add on a delicious side of fried green tomatoes and ashe country cheddar biscuits, then top it off with some slow cooked smoked wings (most likely to share with friends and family, unless you are really hungry).

The service at Driftwood is nothing to complain about either. Thanks to the help of waiters like Jacob Daft, junior at Leesville, the restaurant has received nothing but four to five star reviews online and by word of mouth. “We make sure to always be respectful and stay on task,” said Jacob. “We try our best to do our best for the customers.”

Opening times vary throughout the week. But if you are interested in going and trying it out for yourself, just go to their website. Here you can make reservations, check out their menu, or read about their values as well as their cooking philosophy.



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