Women’s Tennis cranks back up at Leesville

Caption: Leesville women’s tennis team after one of their practices. Their next match will take place on September 1 against Enloe High School.

Leesville women’s tennis team has already begun the season. So far they’ve played four matches in the last two weeks. Unfortunately in the first three matches they faced some of the best teams in the competition such as Broughton and Green Hope. Even though the other teams pushed them to play their best, Leesville still lost.

The fourth match took place on August 27 against Sanderson High School. As in the previous matches, they didn’t win.

Ariana Pirzadeh, a junior on the tennis team, sees a lot of promise from the players.

“I think we have a really strong team, and hopefully we will continue to improve,” said Pirzadeh.

The team has two hour practices after school when they don’t have a match.

She also says they have quality players throughout the team, but the top three Lauren Robbins, Cailley Michaud and Clare Stull.

When Pirzadeh was asked what the team wanted to improve on this year, she said that they want to become more familiar with each other because it’s still early in the season, and they have five new teammates.

Finally, she said she likes that they’re such a close team and that she knows she will be supported while playing.


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