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Peaden joins Leesville administrators for internship

Leesville gained an administrative intern for the 2015-2016 school year, Mr. Larry Peaden. Peaden has joined us after five years in Wake County; his past experience includes working as a fourth grade teacher and an academic intervention teacher at Zebulon Elementary. He is now broadening his horizons by exploring the administrative experience in high school.

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education as well as several teaching licenses, Peaden furthered his education by joining the Master’s program at East Carolina University. While doing so, Peaden earned an honor few receive. “I was fortunate enough to be selected [as] one of only 33 teachers in the entire state to get the North Carolina Principal Fellows Scholarship for my cohort…it’s where they pick top performing teachers and they actually pay you a salary to go back to school to take classes to become a principal, along with your tuition,” said Peaden.

As part of the scholarship, Peaden must serve as a principal or assistant principal in North Carolina for four years. His internship is also a requirement for his administrative aspirations.

Peaden chose to intern in a high school for the sake of new experience. “I never actually taught high school; I thought it’d be nice to come out and learn more about how a high school works,” said Peaden.

Peaden stated that Leesville was his first choice of high school based off of its golden reputation, high ranking test score/graduation data and committed staff. And once he finishes his program in the spring, Peaden plans to further his education even more.

“I plan on beginning on my…doctorate in education pretty soon. And…I’d like to stay here in Wake County. [I will go w]herever there’s a need for me. I wouldn’t mind going to an elementary school [or] high school. [I will be a]nywhere I can be of service to students. Finding a job in Wake County as an assistant principal would be the next step,” said Peaden.

The Mycenaean staff wishes Mr. Peaden a satisfactory year at Leesville and success in his future endeavors.




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