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Ladies JV tennis team doubles in size

Leesville ladies’ tennis swings into their 2015 fall season of tennis stronger, bigger and prouder than ever. This year has already been proven to be a hit with 40 players trying out and making the team.

Although the varsity team has stayed with the tradition of having around 15 players, the JV team is bigger than ever with 25 players.The girls’ talent ranges from beginner to intermediate with every player having an equal chance to play and show off their swings.

Making the team larger will lead to a more successful tennis program at Leesville. The extra competition and devotion to the team will create harding working and more successful players.  If the popularity with the sport stays at the same level, Coach Monica’s goal will hopefully be achieved: to build up the tennis program. She plans to train each player with not only great talent and skills on the court but also unbelievable manners, sportsmanship, and respect for one another and the game itself. With these morals in mind, the team will hopefully be heading for success because of everyone’s love and passion for the game.

Coach Monica would never want to exclude anyone from the game, for she believes that tennis is a great sport to play for life. “Tennis is a good activity to start and it’s a good activity to take and play for life, no matter how old you are.”

Although there are a lot of positives that come from this “one big family,” there are also some negatives, such as players having to compete for playing time. With only twelve spots open for players at each match, many players are left watching on the sidelines. But, going on with Coach Monica’s goal, that is not the idea. Instead of players watching, bored, and letdown on the sidelines, each player always has an equal chance to play.

With ladder matches setup and daily practice assessments, every player is always given chances to show off their growth and improvement, competing with each other and opposing teams to make it to the top of this year’s seed.

With 25 strong and committed players, good morals and an encouraging and inspiring coach, the Leesville JV team hopes to jump into their season with more force than ever.


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