College t-shirt day at Leesville

Madalyn Beale (center) poses with two friends on college T-shirt day. This day gives all seniors a chance to show off the struggle and hard work they have put in throughout their high school years.

Last Friday, this year’s seniors took part in the annual college T-shirt day. This day is important for students to show off all their hard work by wearing the shirt of the college they will be attending in the fall.

“College T-shirt day is like a representation of all the work you did throughout your four years at high school,” said Madelyn Hayes, attending University of North Carolina at Charlotte this fall. “In a way, you sort of earn the shirt at the end of your final year.”

“It’s a great feeling when you can put on your school shirt and know you will be graduating with an awesome future to look forward to at college,” said Madalyn Beale, attending East Carolina University this fall.

This year’s seniors have watched seniors of the past three years go through the same tradition. Many have been anxiously waiting the day where they could do the same. College T-shirt day has begun to serve as a huge form of motivation for the underclassmen still focused on continuing to raise their GPAs.

This day also enables students to see where all of their peers will be attending in the fall.

Hayes said, “This day has great significance because it shows not only where each individual will be, but where we, as a class, will be next year.”

“I’m very proud of my T-shirt,” said Beale, planning on a future in nursing. “East Carolina University is an awesome school with an amazing medicine program that I am thoroughly looking forward to attending.”





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