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VIP Day’s Accident


The crew of VIP Day’s mock-accident. If you or someone you know are in an accident these are the first responders to the accident. The impact these responders make saves lives.

Many students at Leesville have friends or family who have been in a serious accident. Those who remember Nick Niedrich have lived through a difficult time. Abby Noga said, “…Instead of going and experiencing everything that already happened with his accident; I didn’t want to experience it again, so I didn’t go to the VIP [Day].”


The Durham Fire Department – Station 5 are the first to arrive at the scene of an accident in the Leesville area. Several of the Firemen are students at Leesville Road High School.


The victim at the scene of the accident before the first bystander has even arrived.


In the event that the doors are unable to be opened, the fire department uses the jaws of life to break apart the car and assist the victim.


After breaking into the car, the EMS carry the victim on a stretcher to a safe area to perform CPR.


The EMS provides care for the victim until he has been determined to be dead. In many cases, the AED is successful in resuscitating the victim, however, in this case the AED is unsuccessful when it comes to resuscitating this victim.

Several students stayed behind at the end of the mock-accident. One in particular was Albrianna Morales. The mock-accident brought back memories of her father’s accident. While her father is okay now, Morales is still traumatized by the events of the accident.



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