Top 5 apps you need for college

  1. Quad: Quad is a fresh, new app that high school seniors have been frequenting in order to connect to future classmates, find hotspots on their college campus, and especially find their future roommate. Quad is a system of groups & group chats that one can join: for example, “UNC-CH ‘19” and “UNC Things To Do”. In these groups future students of a given school can chat freely and make new friends and is very effective, from what I’ve seen for making new friends, networking for information, and is a supportive and respectful group of like-minded students.
  2. Facebook: Facebook, although not incredibly used by young adults anymore, is still a great source to find out information about a school, meet new classmates and make “I Need a Roomie” posts. Facebook pages, either student-body or officially administered.
  3. Twitter/YikYak: YikYak is similar to the apps listed above however is less purpose-oriented and more for entertainment purposes. Students and prospects of a college can anonymously chat or leave funny, relatable and interesting comments relating to that school specifically or just college life in general.
  4. GroupMe: GroupMe is an app composed of group chats, that you can find your future college peers as well.
  5. iTunesU: iTunesU seems to be an app that people just dont general reach for on their phone home screen, and although it is not accessible to non-iPhone users, iTunesU is more beneficial for students who are already in college and would like to participate and pose questions to other students and instructors. But, unlike the other group messengers, iTunesU gives people the opportunity to notes and highlight text in the iBooks app, take course notes in class, while playing audio or video lectures and even free courses created and taught by instructors from universities and schools.

Technology is such a great tool in new age of education, and these apps are a great way to get a head start or make life easier in college.


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