Supernatural Keeps Fighting

Jared Padalecki, left, tweeted this picture of him and Jensen Ackles, right, wearing their new T-shirt that is for sale. All of the money raised from the campaign will go towards a cause which supports and brings awareness to people suffering from depression, addiction, and more.

Supernatural is known to be a dramatic and gruesome show that toys with the emotions of its viewers. However, it recently changed directions when it took on a very real and serious topic: suicide.

The episode, titled “The Werther Project”, focused on the extent to which Sam and Dean Winchester, brothers, would go in order to do what is right. Dean wanted to spare his brother and best friend as much pain as possible, and Sam wanted to save Dean’s life.

In the end, Dean realized suicide is never the only option. Even if his friends and family were in pain now, they would be in even more pain if Dean were to take his own life. It would have caused more harm than good, leading him to want to live.

Sam, on the other hand, was fully willing to die if it meant saving his brother. In the end, Dean saved him before he died. However, it is now obvious what Sam is willing to do for his brother.

During the filming of this episode, Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester, began a campaign to raise awareness for people suffering from depression, addiction, and more. Thanks to a very successful campaign with nothing but love and support from viewers, Padalecki decided to do another.

This time, Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, joined Padalecki in raising awareness for these great causes. Their new t-shirt for sale includes both of their faces with the phrase “Moose and Squirrel Say Always Keep Fighting” below them. The phrase refers to their characters’ nicknames on the show.

Many people have already shown their support by purchasing merchandise. The actors are excited to have received such a positive reaction from their fans while helping others find the strength to always keep fighting.



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