Raleigh coffee shops compared


The Morning Times is a local coffee shop situated in the heart of downtown Raleigh. It is adjacent to the Raleigh Times, a newspaper turned bar and restaurant. Most appealing about the Morning Times is its atmosphere: it blends the relaxing environment of a coffee shop with the urban feel that accompanies downtown Raleigh. It’s a small space, but it has an upstairs level with brick walls, minimal artwork and several wooden tables. As far as the actual drinks, it is a coffee and tea lover’s haven — they sell Counter Culture Coffee and have an incredible selection of teas. The Morning Times truly encapsulates the metropolitan spirit of downtown Raleigh.

New World is a secluded coffee shop in The Village at Townridge. It’s a hidden gem in an area that isn’t exactly teeming with local coffee shops. The shop doesn’t have the most appealing decorations, but the atmosphere is still great. The absolute intense quiet with relaxing music playing in the background makes up for any aesthetic appeal New World may lack. As far as coffee and food, they are extremely slow, but of unrivaled quality. They also sell Counter Culture Coffee, but their smoothies and wraps are great menu choices. Overall, the closeness and quality coffee make New World one of the best coffee shops Raleigh has to offer.

The Third Place is tucked away in the Five Points area off of Glenwood, beside Lilly’s Pizza. The parking is a nightmare, but the atmosphere and the coffee are great. They sell Larry’s Beans, which is great coffee, and they offer original options such as a Red Tea Latte and a Vegan Latte. Just like their menu choices, their decorations are eclectic. The walls are adorned with unusual decorations such as utensil trays, wire wall sculptures, and a blue jean tapestry: which would normally be considered tacky, but work very well in this social hideaway. The Third Place is an excellent place to enjoy good coffee, good friends and good conversations.


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